Drake is currently seated courtside at the Air Canada Centre, in his hometown of Toronto, for the 2016 NBA All-Star Game. The game is the final event of All-Star weekend, but perhaps the marquee matchup already occurred earlier this afternoon, when Drake faced off against Reggie Miller in a game of "6-pong." 

Miller, a commentator of tonight's All-Star Game for TNT, challenged Drake to a game of ping pong at the beginning of the month, and Drake, who's been forthcoming about his skills with the paddle via social media, swiftly accepted. TNT ended up filming the matchup, and highlights were broadcast before tonight's game.

There are many heated points shown in the above above video, which features commentary from both Drake and Miller. The Pacers legend explains how he was initially put off by the effect Drake's old-school -- dare I say, amateur -- paddle had on the ball. Accordingly, Drake got off to a big lead, but -- SPOILER -- Miller proved that his grit extends to the table, and proceeded to embark on an unlikely comeback. 

Upon seeing footage of the final point, Drake remarks, "This is it. This is the most devastating moment of the last few years for me."