Last year, the Golden State Warriors made the decision to leave the Oracle Arena in favor of the Chase Center. Oracle was situated in Oakland and was home to the team for decades. The Chase Center, however, is in San Francisco which brings about a fanbase that hasn't always been with the team from the start. For many, the move to San Francisco was the ultimate betrayal and middle finger to those living in Oakland, especially since they also lost the Raiders.

Regardless, the Warriors have been trying to pay homage to Oakland over the past months and even came through with some special "Oakland Forever" City Edition jerseys. Now, they are looking to do the exact same thing but with a court design, as laid out in the video below.

While the court does look nice and appears to be a kind gesture to Oakland, it's clear that many fans aren't taking it that way. In the tweet below, you can see a lot of anger and vitriol from Warriors fans who feel like they have been stabbed in the back. They feel like if the team really loved Oakland, they would have never left in the first place.

Since moving to San Francisco, the Warriors have appeared cursed as they lost Kevin Durant, finished last place in the entire league, and won't have Klay Thompson for a second-straight season. Needless to say, it almost feels like Oakland was the glue holding the franchise together.