Kevin Durant was one of the first free agents to be scooped off of the market this past weekend when he revealed that he would be signing with the Brooklyn Nets. For the last three seasons, Durant played with the powerhouse Golden State Warriors and helped them win two-straight championships. It was believed that he would be leaving the team this offseason but thanks to his ruptured Achilles injury, some thought he would want to stay. Either way, Durant is a Net now and the Warriors are so thankful for his contributions to the team that they plan on retiring his jersey number.

According to The Ringer's Bill Simmons, the team isn't as fond of his decision as they have let on. During his most recent podcast, Simmons spoke about how Steph Curry took a plane from China all the way to New York just so he could have a last-second meeting to try and sway KD's decision. As Simmons explained, Durant announced his decision while Curry was still in the air which has led to some resentment.

"About an hour before the plane lands, all of a sudden it’s KD is gonna be announcing on his Instagram that night, all this stuff and Curry’s like, ‘What’s going on?’ And then it gets announced he’s signing with Brooklyn," Simmons said. "Curry’s plane hasn’t landed yet. He lands and decides to do the dignified thing and he goes to meet KD anyway, basically to say goodbye to him. But, from what I’ve heard, the Warriors took that personally."

It's unclear where Simmons got this information considering the Warriors have been nothing but gracious during this process. If this is true, the next matchup between the Warriors and the Nets should be an interesting one.