Shortly after Lil Wayne went off on the Miami Heat and the NBA, more beef between rappers and the NBA develops. In Washington, D.C., at a Raptors-Wizards game, Wale had a few words for the Toronto Raptors TV announcer, Matt Devlin.

Apparently the D.C. native was trash talking the Raptors' new forward, Rudy Gay. Devlin realized this, and introduced the MMG member as the "local rapper Wall-Eh," before asking if anyone has heard of the rapper on Twitter, and finally saying, "he's not Drake, that's for sure!"

When Wale caught wind of Devlin's remarks, he took to Twitter to respond, "watch ur mouth," and proceeded to approach the announcer's desk and confront him.

Check out the clip of TV announcer Matt Devlin introducing Wale below, as well as Wale confronting Devlin.


[UPDATE: The Toronto Raptors respond to Wale over their announcer's comments]

Although the announcer at the Raptors' game in Washington, D.C., may have sounded like he was insulting Wale by mispronouncing his name and asking if anyone on Twitter knew who he was, but a rep for the Raptors has told TMZ that Devlin was in no way trying to make fun of the MMG rapper.

The rep says that Devlin's comments were "meant to be making fun of himself for not knowing who Wale is, especially a Grammy-nominated artist with more than 2 million Twitter followers."

The rep explained, "It’s a shtick that Matt and our analyst do consistently to poke fun at the fact neither is pop culture savvy."

The team feels bad that Wale took the comments the wrong way. They said they've reached out Wale to see how they can turn the situation around.

"We have reached out to Wale’s management group to see if we can turn this into a positive. We’d like to have him join Matt on the broadcast when we return to Washington at the end of March."