I wasnt dealt a very good hand from the start. Growing up i was a chubby little scrub kid, I guess you can say i raised myself if its possible.ive always been broke as fuck, nothing's changed there. Im actually happy about that cuz i think if i did have a assload of bank growin up id be a snobby little rich bastard. Inspiration from me comes from the inside, i dont make music so people think im a badass, i dont make it thinking im gonna be some famous one hit wonder superstar, i make music so people can see how i see, feel what i feel. i try to express my point of view through my lyrics.I cant really do anything too special, cant skateboard, cant draw, cant play football good or none of that shit. All i do is make music, its my passion, my life revolves around music. If im not making music, im promoting it, if im not promoting it, im either sleeping or thinking about it. I love rap, cant stand country or buttrock, cant stand that emo shit or any mainstream whatsoever, but as u know, its all about that wicked shit. Ive been a juggalo since i was like 8 and ive always had this elaborate plan to become a independent artist puttin it down for my family, but being independent is too damn hard for a broke ass ninja like myself. Since i was 16 i got real serious into my shit and ive "Blown up" as some ppl would say. Unfortunately due to lack of funds im currently staying at the local oxford house promoting off myspace =D ive sat on here adding everyone i can think of, every juggalo i can find, every rapper i can find, every lette, everybody i can think of. im suprised i aint got carpultunnel yet. Now im stuck on probation in Roseburg Oregon and NOBODY here will let me open up at their shows. Everyone here raps to be cool and it drives me up the fuckin wall, im hungry for this shit, i want it more than anyone does i fuckin promise you that.


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