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The irony in life ceases to amaze me, i started this rap shit thinking the game was played a whole different way, i mean there once was a time where skill determined your fanbase and how much people respected your music, but it ain't like that no more. Its kind of ironic but it seems like the more u have skill, the more people supress the image you try to express. I like to rant all the time about Hip Hop vs. Rap. To me rap is either bragging or lying about shit and getting ppl to believe wat you say, Hip Hop is a while different style, i feel hip hop is the art of expressing ones images through Lyrical talent, and as we all know, Hip Hop died with Tupac...Pretty sad if u ask me. It seems like MTV has all the pull in the music industry nowadays, its not how it used to be, thats for sure. U turn on MTV and all u hear is club shit and faggots rapping about poppin' pills and fuckin' cars, it amazes me how these fools made it simply by coming up with the same kind of shit ppl have been producing for years, whatever happened to making a song with an actual meaning? It dont mean shit no more, Skill and dedication ain't shit no more without the perfect opportunity. It makes me laugh to see how ironic this shit turns out to be. Every other robot out there only wants to hear the same old shit, Hip Hop has been Voided out, hence the reason I Changed my name to Void, hip hop has no pull in the game anymore its all about fake ass gangster rap. People like me are without a cause if you ask me, i guess we will see, i've decided to dedicate my life to let those who express themselves in a Unique way be heard, See you at the top.


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