While the ongoing Drake vs Pusha T has all but captivated the hip-hop world at large, Vince Staples remains impervious to the simple charms of two men saying mean things to one another. "I don't care," replies Staples, when asked about it. "I don't like rap beef. I want somebody to die. If we just going to be mean and talk about each other, like, I want someone to die. Until somebody dies, I don't care." A harsh take, leaving the interviewer to respond with a simple "wow."

Vince continues, stating "if we get negative let's just get all the way negative, if not, I don't care. I stay business. When somebody dies I'll pay attention. If we're not going there, why are we doing it?" While he specifies that he isn't wishing death on Drake or Pusha specifically, he does seem to take issue with the "all-talk, no action" nature of certain beefs. He also makes sure to come through with a simple request for all the rappers out there looking for smoke. "Please don't talk about me in songs," says Vince, deadpan. "Be nice to me."

This isn't the first time he's voiced his disdain for beef, having previously dubbed it "corny." In the wake of the interview, Vince issued a response of sorts on his Twitter, in which he added a bit of context to his original argument. Peep it below, along with the original footage.