Rihanna is a rock star, so news that she had partaken in cocaine use wouldn't exactly be surprising information, but what would be surprising is if she let herself be captured on camera in the act.

A clip of RiRi partying with her friends made its way onto Instagram today, with many users jumping to the conclusion that Rihanna was snorting coke in the background. 

Of course Rihanna didn't waste any time in setting the record straight, going straight at the user who originally posted the video on IG and framed her as a "cokehead". RiRi provided a highly quotable response, explaining that she was simply rolling a joint, which she based with a cigarette ("Who TF snorts tobacco??!!).

View the original clip, as well as a secondary video which gives us a better look at what the singer was holding below. Also make sure to take a look at her full IG response.