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HOOD.I... Itâ��s the new millennium and the Digital Underground couldnâ��t be more correct with their proclamation that â��All around the worldâ��s the same songâ��. Everywhere you turn there are at least two new Dope boy rappers, another gimmick act and one new dance song that will eventually grow old in about a month or two. Whereâ��s the true talent gone? Itâ��s got to be out there, somewhere. There has to be someone out there that stays true to not only the music they make, but to themselves also. For example, someone like Hood.I.E. Born Evens Cherizier, this Miami representative is out to breathe some life into the slowly dying art form that is music. Though calm and easy going, the self-proclaimed â��Hood Soldierâ�� means business when it comes down to looking adversity in the face and accepting all challenges. Heavily influenced by the likes of Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Wayne Eminem, Outkast, 2 pac, The Notorious B.I.G., The Fugees and Bob Marley, Hood guarantees to be different than any other artist in the game, PERIOD. Blending sheer lyrical ability, street inspired passion and club friendly vibes into one complete package. When it isnâ��t the constant hardships he faces living everyday life in the streets of Miami, it is the evident lack of heart and passion in the music industry that motivates him to work harder. Tired of the constant popularity contests and easy paychecks in music nowadays, Hood refuses to settle for second place. His new single (Big Boy Status) is currently generating an overwhelmingly high level of acceptance from listeners; which is to be succeeded by more hit records, a brand new mixtape and full-on worldwide takeover with the B.2. Entertainment family. Much like Jay-Z predicted in 1996 about the success of Roc-A-Fella Records and lived to up to his word; Hood is out to do the same. ....ACEITO.. The definition of â��Realâ�� has been tampered with so much, that it is almost an impossibility to tell what is true to the term. Television was supposed to have a dose of it, but all we get is a bunch of scripted events and paid actors portraying â��Realâ�� people. Music is also a victim of this. For the longest, listeners have been presented with fabricated acts and cliché stories. Only a very few truly manage to deliver what is expected of them and what they guarantee to bring to the table. This artist is one of those chosen few; the last of a dying breed. This is Aceito. Born in Miami, Fl. on August 4, 1986, Alvin Jean-Pierre has never been afraid to speak his mind and tell it like it is, no matter who is listening or what they have to say about it. Fueled by his rough upbringing and influences from Hip-Hop greats like 2 Pac,Eminem, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, It was only a matter of time before Ace 365 would decide to let his voice be heard through music. Soon enough, he began taking part in occasional freestyle battle sessions and gaining knowledge in the art of self-expression through award-winning Drama teacher Ms. Daphnie Sicre. While these were helpful factors into the development of Ace 365, nothing could have provided a bigger motivational push to succeed than four major reality checks that would really open up his eyes. The first was a near fatal car crash that granted him the opportunity to see another day, the second was the untimely passing of his father, the third was the tragic murder of one of his childhood friends and the fourth was the mournful passing of his grandmother. Those events, along with the support of his families (biological and extended) and friends have really set the foundation for the individual that we see today. Combining the life lessons that have come his way, amazing lyrical ability and a raw, rugged rap style, Ace 365 is a definite must hear when it comes to great music. He is currently promoting the recent release of the mixtape â��Fuck Itâ�� with fellow Vice Squad member Hood.I., collaborating with fellow B.2. members and is also starting on a follow-up to the highly successful previously mixtape "Next In Line" . ..........


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