For those patiently waiting for some new Vic Mensa music, this may be the next best thing. A Reddit user shared this fan shot video of Vic gracing the stage at Wesleyan University's Spring Fling event. Vic sets it off by quarterbacking some crowd participation, before diving into the performance. Die hard Mensa fans might recognize this track from the time Vic took some shots at Lil Yachty, although the King Boat references have since been removed. 

Apparently, a Reddit user with ties to Vic (dude appears to be his engineer) seemed to confirm that the track was produced by Neptunes legend Pharrell Williams, who is thankfully back on his hip-hop steez. The video quality is passable, and clear enough to get a sense of the lyrics and beat. From the sound of it, we're looking at some fire. Check it out below.