Vic Mensa's debut album, Traffic, has been a long time coming. In fact, it's been over two and half years since his first and only official project, INNANETAPE. Still, Vic seems to be in good hands with Roc Nation, to which he signed a year ago, as most everything he drops is well-received by his extensive and loyal fanbase. 

In a recent in-depth feature for CLASH, the Chicago rapper shared some details on what fans can expect to hear on Traffic. Producers on Traffic include Mike Dean, frequent Weeknd collaborator Illangelo, John Hill (who has produced for Eminem, Jay Z, and Rihanna), and Dave Sitek of the band TV on the Radio. 

The album is featureless save for some minor contributions from Rivers Cuomo, the lead vocalist of the band Weezer. Vic apparently sampled Weezer's 1996 song "The Good Life" on a yet-to-be-titled Traffic track, and Cuomo ended up inviting Vic to his studio to listen to the song. After doing so, he agreed to lay down some new vocals atop the track. 

The Illangelo-produced track is titled "Ring the Bell" and is dedicated to Laquan McDonald and other black men, women, and children who have been killed by police. Vic assisted Mike Dean on the production of "Rage," the album's centerpiece, which is a rock-inspired "expression of raging through it all." 

Some might be disappointed in the lack of features, though in reading the CLASH piece, it seems like Vic is putting his all into his debut album. Stay tuned for a release date.