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VARSITY BOYZ, the groundbreaking rap duo, are brothers with edgy lyrics and an innovative sound that cannot be mistaken or duplicated by any other artists today. RACE BANNON is the lyrical half of the group while D Wattz brings a particular "swag" to his southern style of rap. When you put these two together, they are a tour de force for EVALAST MUSIC. VARSITY BOYZ showcases that the soul of music is in the south, from the south and that are, the south, they represent. They don't want to focus on trendy music, but to make music that has a lasting impression. At the age of 9, RACE BANNON was a natural born lyricist. He took on many of the MC's from his native Duval County. The world was his stage. Battling on the street and eventually on the stages for credibility, he honed his rap skills. His ambition and motivation helped convince him to put out a well-received mix tape. RACE BANNON'S voice, words and thought can be heard by the masses and it is gaining momentum. His brother, D WATTZ, wouldn't let anything or anyone stop his dream of becoming a rap star. D WATTZ had created his own studio at a very young age. He used to record from one player to another using the instrumentals off the records and his voice to have a final product. His hard-hitting lyrics and raw voice make his style unique. His music conveys an emotion that is felt by many who have listened to it. Together, they have formed into the VARSITY BOYZ. They are rappers and writers of many stellar tracks. The songs focus on love, life, laughs, hardships and of course, relationships. It is music that is close to their hearts. Their style is a mish mash of who's who. Outkast, UGK, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Biggie Smalls, Tupac Shakur are the rappers while Boyz II Men, New Edition, and Jodeci are the singers, just to name a few. Inspired by the World, but rooted in their Deep South upbringing, they do have a connection to music that makes you want to get up and dance. With a relationship to the greats as Quad City DJ's, 95 South and the 69 Boyz, they do have it in them to make another booty shakin' anthem to go along with their new style of Rap/Hip Hop. EVALAST MUSIC is setting a new course with VARSITY BOYZ as the new blueprint. VARSITY BOYZ cannot be stopped in today's new music industry. They are the new music tale you will be reading about in the months to come.


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