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The best way to describe the sound and heart of Unite the North is the vengeful soul of Hip-Hop, awakened by the gross prostitution of its art form; determined to bring back quality, originality, and respect to the music of the streets. UTN has been opening doors and shattering misconceptions about the Alaskan music scene for over 5 years now. This multi-talented group does all the duties crucial to their own success including rap, sing, produce, engineer, record, book shows and promote. In the downtown of UTN’s hometown they own a recording studio where they record and engineer their own music and sell recording time. Plans to begin a state wide tour are in process for May through July. Since 2009 the group has been constructing their latest release: Git Wit it/Git Lost. Due to come out March 2010, this highly anticipated album will be the first CD that UTN has sold in any amount. In addition to the album release, there are two mixtapes in development. First, the Reyol Mixtape will feature artists from all over Alaska, hosted by UTN. The other will be a free to download mixtape releasing at the same time as the album. Their previous release “Answer to the Drought” was given out for free as a promotion to establish UTN’s name and open doors to connecting with artists in Alaska by featuring their music on it. The response was incredible and many offered to pay for the music. On stage, UTN has proven to be a charismatic and exhilarating group. Show after show, the heavy metal fans become rap fans and leave with a surprised smile on their face. In the summer of 2007 UTN finally had the opportunity to perform for an audience more suited to their sound. They opened for Sean Kinston at the largest event in Alaska, the Alaska State Fair. After winning the Battle of the Bands UTN earned the right to perform. UTN opened the show in electrifying splendor leaving the crowd chanting the familiar 3 part harmony, “U-T-N! U-T-N! U-T-N!” Unite The North is a hip-hop group from the small town of Palmer, AK. The origins of the group stem from D the Lyricist. As a young man of 15 years old Devon Shaw was granted access to a studio room in the downstairs music department of his high school. Barely larger than a closet, the studio became a bustling and exciting place to be, crammed full of people with barely enough room to open the door. Including friends and those involved in the music there were up to 7 people, sitting on the floor, standing in corners, and sharing broken chairs, all in a room roughly 6’ x 8’. All in miserable discomfort, but drawn so heavily to the music that the room felt like a concert hall. Through word of mouth D the lyricist eventually came to find Mr. C, Chad Billups, who lived less than a block away. The pair started to freestyle in Mr. C’s basement almost every day, honing their skills and being amazed at having found a musical counterpart. Citizen-K, Kieoki Tafaoialii, is direct cousin to D LY and was always a natural fit in the group. JJ the Chosen-1 a.k.a. Young Korrupted was a fellow schoolmate of D the Lyricist and found music to be a new and exciting outlet. Under D’s tutelage, JJ was soon discovered to be an incredible talent, both as a producer and as a rapper. Since the early days at Palmer High, UTN has gained incredible support from music lovers in its community and is well respected for their consistency and professionalism. Even though the local market for Hip-Hop is almost non-existent, the average listener has shown that they are willing to listen to UTN, even if they are opposed to the genre. Whether it is D the Lyricist reciting an opening rhyme, leaving the crowd mesmerized or Mr. C free styling at the close of a show, front to back, the audience is aware that they are watching something special.


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