For the longest time, the hip-hop world was under the assumption that Playboi Carti and UnoTheActivist were cousins. That's why things got tense when Carti allegedly praised the man who shot Uno several years ago. While there definitely were some differences between the two rappers and former frequent collaborators, things have apparently come to a standstill.

In a new interview with HipHopDX, Uno reveals his true relationship to Playboi Carti and addresses their beef.

"You got to tell the world this. We are not real cousins, we’re just family friends," said Uno about Carti. The bombshell revelation came after the Atlanta star spoke about his beef with Carti. "[We] knew each other since we were babies, almost. Our families went to school together, and we went to school together, but we’re not related. We were friends and could’ve been brothers, for real, but different paths led us to different ways."

Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Touching on their strained relationship, Uno explained that their beef is not that active these days.

"It’s not beef. It started like that but ended up being nothing more than just two people not agreeing with each other anymore," said Uno. "There are no problems at all, we just don’t kick it like that. We went down two different paths and he did stuff in the past and I may have done some stuff in the past, but it’s in the past."

As for whether or not they'll actually get back on good terms, Uno doesn't think it's likely. 

"I don’t think it can happen, but I’m not closed to anything either," he said.

HipHopDX will be releasing its full interview with the rapper shortly.