If you checked out the review for Yelawolf’s most recent effortLove Story, you may have noticed that there is quite a split on the merit of the record among fans and staff alike. The record is a celestial, immersive journey that does its darndest in attempt to assemble a collage of sounds, genres, and stories in effort to produce something fresh. While the results have wedged the hip-hop community down the middle, having quite the polarizing effect, there is one thing that everyone can agree on.

Whether you like it or not, the country-folk influence is definitely on Love Story. However, in many instances the influence goes beyond just serving as a muse for the Alabama-bred rock-rapper. Instead, many tracks that appear to be merely inspired, are in actuality creating honest-to-God folk songs that carry the tradition of the Southern music.  

So, what makes a folk song? It goes beyond twangy voices or acoustic guitar swoons. In fact, those aren’t required at all. All you need is a narrative story or a specific message expressed over a repeating melody. While songs like “Devil in My Veins,” “Have a Nice Flight” and “American You” are more of a blatant country or folk music offering by Yelawolf, Love Story does include some less obvious homages to his roots.

Click along as we investigate Love Story tracks that follow this form.