Tyler, the Creator has been known to provoke controversy with his Golf Wang fashion line. Last May, he created a T-shirt for the brand that was adorned with a huge neo-Nazi symbol that happened to be rainbow-colored as well. His seeming intent was to hijack the symbol (the logo of White Pride Worldwide) and have it suggest a pride for equality instead of seclusion. His latest Golf Wang T-shirt is also overtly provocative, as it shows a picture of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump with a Hitler mustache.

"President Of The United States," it reads above the picture that equates Trump with the Nazi leader. Underneath, it says (in consecutive lines), "Donald J. Trump / 2016 - 2020 / We Fucked Up." 

The shirts will become available for purchase tomorrow (Apr. 11) at 8pm EST/5pm PST on GolfWang.com