"Hanging out" with a Jenner has its perks when it comes to publicity, but it also means being a constant target of gossip blogs. Tyga has found himself in that position recently, and judging by his comments on Twitter today, he's pretty fed up with it.

The story which inspired T-Raww's harsh words was a TMZ article detailing an alleged lawsuit from a former landlord. While the rapper refers to the report as "fabricated," he later acknowledges that the lawsuit has been filed, so perhaps he just feels that the gossip blog is suggesting that the landlord's claims are factual.

In the end, he seems to have more disdain for the "freeloaders" who file these type of lawsuits than TMZ itself. In case you missed it, the landlord is claiming that Tyga owes $120k for a house he rented in 2010.

Check out his tweets below.