The loudest part of any "OOOUUU" sing-a-long is usually "You call her Stephanie, I call her Headphanie." Florida clothing boutique Lilac Company is getting roasted online for partnering with Hennessy to create a purple "Headphanie" bottle of the cognac, seemingly without Young M.A's consent. "Lmfaooo brooo I'm so dead, how you gentrify HENNY????" wrote Twitter user @airbawi.

The brand defended their product, writing, "Stop saying we're tryna capitalize off @YoungMAMusic - this was an art idea, and that's all it is. We're in talks with her manager.We tried multiple times to contact her before but she didn't respond until it went viral."

"Headphanie" Hennessy is currently available at select Florida liquor retailers. Lilac expects they'll roll out an online release before the end of the week.

Check out Twitter's response to "Headphanie" below.