Beastie News

  • Cover of Classic Rotation: Beastie Boys' "Licensed to Ill"
    Rap’s early origins, if we are being historically correct, were partially nurtured by punk and new wave, coming out of rebellious Manhattan kids (and those influenced by the music coming out of the area).
  • Cover of Beastie Boys Win $1.7 Million In Monster Energy Drink Lawsuit
    Beastie Boys have been battling Monster energy drink in court for awhile now. It all began with a copyright violation suit filed by the Beastie Boys, centering around a "megamix" put together by DJ Z-Trip for a snowboarding recap video, sponsored by Monster.
  • Cover of Beastie Boys Write Open Letter To Toy Company Illegally Using "Girls" [Update: Company Pulls "Girls" From Ad]
    It's pretty common knowledge that the Beastie Boys do not allow their music to be used for commercial purposes. Last year, we saw them take Monster energy drink to court for attempting to use their records "Sabotage," "So Whatcha Want," and "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun" in an ad campaign.
  • Cover of Eminem Covers Rolling Stone
    Eminem's promo time isn't finished just yet. The rapper nabbed another magazine cover, this time for Rolling Stone's December issue.
  • Cover of Brooklyn Heights Park Named After Late Beastie Boy MCA
    Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the loss of Beastie Boy Adam "MCA" Yauch. The rapper, who lost his battle with cancer last year at the age of 47, was a beloved figure in the hip hop community and has been remembered in many tributes since his untimely passing.
  • Cover of Beastie Boys Sign Deal To Release Memoir
    The Beastie Boys have never exactly kept things conventional, starting from their break-out in hip-hop scene as three young Jewish (formerly in to hardcore punk) rappers, until they had a strong hold on rap and pop culture world-wide, with over 25 years of success both commercially and critically.
  • Cover of Beastie Boys Music Video Director, Ric Menello, Dead At 60
     The director for one of hip hop's most influential music videos, "(You Gotta) Fight For You Right (To Party)", has died at the age of 60.Even though he may not have been a household name, director Ric Menello's work has surely been seen.
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