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I asked Tuxzdo Blakk "What is the meaning behind the name of your upcoming first solo album entitled Oxygen Theft?" "O2Theft will cure the deaf. For those who aren't hearing, this will open their ears up. Breath-taking music, you know what I'm saying" "I was very picky while putting together the album. I didn't want to flood it with features, kept away from repetition, and approached every track like a Velvet Steamroller." "I've been hands on with music since the 6th grade. It feels good when people that I know from way back catch up with me and find out I am still progressing." "I love the city where I'm from, Sacramento CA., but, when it comes to the music, everywhere I go I hear the same shit. I changed my name from Skillz to Tuxzdo Blakk last year, and the passing of Skillz created a while new character, a whole new motto, a whole new sound (production wise) and the type of self criticism that kinda makes me hard to like sometimes, ask DJ Freeverse - who, btw, made this project interesting, fun, and of course dope. The way he was handing me choice beats... lol... I thought he was going to shit a hard drive at any moment. Big ups to the Homeboy." I had the chance to hear O2Theft as well as some of your old music. Where does this drive come from? "Well, for instance, every time I write a hook I think about what my big sister told me when I was 15... that if the hook ain't tight, no one will want to listen. My father was a composer and had a Jazz band called Kifaru. He would tell me that they would practice in the dark to achieve pinpoint accuracy and precision. To say the least, I thought that was dope. My brother listened to everything so it was inevitable to hear Pink Floyd, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Pearl Jam, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Weather Report all at the age of 12. My Mom played the piano, and in my teenage years, when I was singing, she always told me I should sing instead of Rap. So there you have it. The recipe for a well seasoned sound." "And before I go, let me say... I'm a big jagged pill to some, so I understand why I'm hard to swallow. I am no stranger to outside criticism, I know that what the youth want is Soldier Boy and bubble gum cookie cutter applesauce rap. But I don't do that. What you hear now is what you will hear later. And if you ain't clicking "LIKE" on my shit, you a mothr fukn hater."


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