A random Instagram follower suggested it, and we made it happen. You too could have a genius idea you let be known on Instagram/twitter/comment section and it could very well come to life. If you don't read every single comment we get on our Instagram account (why not???), let us explain. The other week, for Kanye West's birthday, we created an infographic that showed his career at a glance, or, By The Numbers. One of our followers (@cammyckam) kindly, and rightly, suggested we do the same for Pac's birthday. And here we are, on what would be Tupac's 45th birthday (!), if he were still alive. RIP.

Not gunna lie though, Tupac's infographic may put Kanye's infographic to shame. First, this one is a bit more all-encompassing, not just focusing on stats from during the height of his career, but from his general life. Second, there just seems to be a lot more number-worthy information for us to relay to you about the iconic MC, and we didn't even get to his highest-charting singles or album sale data (sorry, but if you we're wondering, "How Do You Want It" was his highest-charting single, peaking at #1).

While you celebrate Tupac's life and legacy today, take a look at the infographic below.