Every couple of months it seems we hear about unearthed Tupac memorabilia going up for auction. This time around, GoldinAuctions got their hands on a handwritten essay that Pac wrote while he was in prison, which has never been seen before, as well as some platinum plaques belonging to the late, great rapper.

The handwritten essay is particularly intriguing. Reportedly, Pac sent it from Clinton Correctional Facility to Nina Bhadreshwar at Deathrow Records. The essay, titled "Is Thug Life Dead?" spans four pages of loose leaf, and was written during Pac's 1995 prison stint for sexual assault. The essay is addressed to "young black Americans." The item comes with the original envelope as well.

In addition to the handwritten essay, which requires a minimum bid of $10,000, you can bid on the platinum plaque for Me Against the World (starting at $2,500), signed contracts for his films "Juice" and "Poetic Justice," and more. You can take a look at all the items up for bid here