In a recent interview with Vlad TV, up and coming rapper, Kid Buu claimed he was a clone. The rapper, whose moniker was inspired by a Dragon Ball Z character, told the interviewer, his wave of thinking was different from that of his peers and informed audiences of his otherworldly origins. "Yeh, originally. My first gen. I'm a second gen first gen was born in Jersey, however, I was cloned by Clonaid in Canada. My model number is 0112568 for anyone who wants to see the registration of cloning," he shared

While on Instagram live with fellow rapper Trippie Redd, Kid Buu took a moment to inform his friend of some pertinent information in light of his recent escape from a cloning facility. "I escaped from a cloning facility dawg, and I didn't want to tell you this on a phone call 'cause the world needs to know, but I saw your name in those files bro," he said. Much to his surprise, an unfazed Trippie replied "I know, I'm a clone n*gga. I'm a third gen, you feel me."Kid Buu then went on to alert his friend of the grave danger that awaits him, as it is only a matter of time before the government begins their pursuit of him. In a cadence one can only imagine is tainted in grief, Trippie responds "Do it." 

The future is uncertain for these friends and laced with peril. One can only hope that they savor their precious, final moments of existence for salient experiences, such as getting face tattoos.