While at SXSW last month, there was much clamor about the hottest artists in Texas. We were lucky enough to catch up with one of them, Houston's Trill Sammy, who spoke to us about his career after puffing away at a few expertly-rolled Backwoods on a terrace overlooking downtown Austin. 

At the time, Sammy told us that his most essential tracks were the few he had just released -- as they represent the new wave he's been on, which has been welcomed by his ever-growing fanbase. 

"No Pressure" is, above all, a smoking essential that encapsulates the feeling of running into the plug and taking home a bag of premium gas. 

"Sorry" was an easy pick for Sammy, as it features the homies PnB Rock and Sonny Digital. Not to mention production from Young Chop. Sammy also let us know that he and PnB have a few more tracks in the vault. 

And finally, Sammy selected "Faces" as another one of his standouts, inspired by the city where he now spends a majority of his time. "That's just some L.A. vibe shit, just cruisin'," said the 19-year-old rapper, who was recently spotted in the studio with Southside

Also in the new interview, Sammy gives us some insight into his intuitive recording process: "I just go in, get high, and freestyle through it. Even if I just do a bar -- punch in, bar -- punch in, that's how I'ma do it. I don't ever write nothin.'" 

The two tracks Sammy has dropped since SXSW are also among his best work. Listen to "Road Runnin" (featuring Landstrip Chip) here, and "TWO" (produced by DY of 808 Mafia) here