Tre D Crazi

Tre D Crazi isn’t your typical rapper. He doesn’t believe in swag yet doesn’t profess to bring real hip hop back. He doesn’t sag his pants yet doesn’t rock a backpack everywhere he goes. Okay, maybe he does carry a backpack. What I’m getting at is Tre D is somewhat a mixture of authentic hip-hop and mainstream rap. He knows his history on who came before him but also keeps an open ear to what’s flooding the airwaves at the moment. Born in the summer of 1988, he’s done a lot in the 24 years he’s been on this earth. Starting rapping at the age of 8 years old, he would write brief verses filled with verbiage and words he heard in his favorite music. So you can predict a lot of slang and lying about his money and bitches. He didn’t record anything until middle school. While most of the material from the first couple years were very rough and off-beat, he never missed a step. From the first release of material in November 2003, he has released over ten full-length albums and fifteen mixtapes over the course of a little under than 10 years. He has performed in most, if not all, the venues available in Des Moines including Val Air Ballroom, Seven Flags Event Center, House of Bricks, Vaudeville Mews and more. He has also performed in his native hometown of Mason City as well as a few other spots throughout Iowa. He has opened for many artists including a few with huge loyal fanbases including Tech N9ne & Machine Gun Kelly. He has also opened for New Boyz, The Game, Chris Webby, Slaughterhouse and more. He spends some of his time as half of the duo, Kyd N Tre, who upon moving to the 515 area, have continued to place a topic of discussion throughout the city. Still to this day, they find new fans and people who bought their 2008 album, “Iowa Money” in one of the many stores that sold them in the Des Moines area. They released their fourth album, “eXecution” in late 2011 and are focusing on solo efforts for the time being but will begin work on a fifth album sometime in the future. After a rocky 2012, Tre has decided to release some of the material that was made up of his last two scrapped mixtapes, “Wait For It” and “SFVI”. The first will be available on an EP entitled “Wasted Youth”, due for release February 12th, 2013. Following that effort, two more EPs from the same set of music will be released. “Abandoned Cause” on March 26th, 2013 and “Made To Last” on April 30th, 2013. All three EP’s will be under a set entitled “TheraEP Volume 1”. When all have been released, they can be combined for a full length album. All three efforts will be released for FREE on Tre’s official website, as well as Following the three-EP set, he will release another EP but this time, with all new material. Entirely produced by Oktane Gang member Larry “L.D.” Davis, “Lethal Dosage” will feature 7 brand new songs and will be released on for the very reasonable price of $1.99. The release will be only available digitally. “Lethal Dosage” is scheduled for release on June 18th, 2013. For press inquiries, booking, features or strictly Q&A, contact


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