It's always a good week for our FIRE EMOJI playlist when we got some new La Flame to make it even hotter. Since back in May, Travis Scott has been teasing "HIGHEST IN THE ROOM" at his live shows and fans have been nagging him for an official release. Amid the unfortunate news of his (potentially temporary) split from Kylie Jenner this week, Travis shared three alternate covers for the single on Instagram to announce that it would be dropping on Friday. We now finally have "HIGHEST IN THE ROOM" and it's got everything we look for in Travis song: a slightly psychedelic feel with vocals of varying autotune levels floating in and dissipating as a stadium-shaking chorus crashes in. However, the previewed Lil Baby verse was noticeably missing

This week, Gucci Mane also ushered us into the new month by reminding us that it is, indeed, Woptober. On October 17, he will be gifting us with Woptober IIHe started his spooky season takeover by unveiling the glorious cover art for the project, which was taken from his new campaign with Gucci. When the clock struck midnight on Thursday, we were surprised with a single from Woptober II and not just any single, but one featuring Megan Thee Stallion"Big Booty" bounces on a beachy guitar riff and Megan bolsters the ass-shaking anthem like no one else can. Check out the rest of the FIRE EMOJI playlist below.

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