When Travis Scottdyed his braids blond, it took a little getting used to. Now that he's had the new look for a few weeks, La Flame has decided to switch things up again. However, it doesn't seem as though this will be a regular thing.

Trav has been embracing his role as a modern-day rock star, bringing the most intense moshpits to his Astroworld tour and generally just employing a badass attitude. His recent cover story with Rolling Stone brought out a few gems. Specifically, his comments about Kanye West and Kylie Jenner. While the interview itself is worth checking out, some fans are shocked by the actual cover image being used for the magazine.

Instead of his regular braided 'do, Trav opted to straighten out his locks to debut a brand new look. We're used to him letting "the braids hang" but we're instead witnessing the star with straight bangs and it's a little confusing. Some of his fans are poking fun at him for the look while others are embracing him for taking risks. Of course, every original choice will be met with some criticism.

How do you feel about Travis' decision to rock straight hair for Rolling Stone? Are you for this look or should he stick to the braids?