TSMG presents, The Track Stars, comprised of BA Shawty, C. Ward, and TPSwagger, The Track Stars are on a road destined for success. Track Stars consist of 2 graduating seniors at Middle Tennessee State University, as well as a hard working assistant manager in the Middle Tennessee area. With each individual having their own, personal experience with music in their past, it was nothing for these three young men to join together and create the next big group to hit the music scene. Brandon “BA Shawty” Alexander, 22, was born in Memphis, TN and raised in Stanon and Brownsville, TN. BA Shawty is now a Senior at Middle Tennessee State University, Majoring in Business Administration with a minor in International Business. BA is also an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Throughout his life, BA has always been inclined with music. As a child growing up, his older cousin use to make him sit up and recite verses from popular Three Six Mafia songs. As the years went on BA began to recognize his own potential, instead of rapping old Three Six verses, he and his friends began to write their own verses. Later, he and his friends formed a group called Da Fellas and as they chose to take the Entertainment scene in a different route, Creating New Star and hosting events, BA Shawty continued to pursue music leading him to click up with C. Ward and TPSwagger forming the Track Stars. James “C.Ward” Ward, 23, was born in Jackson, TN and Raised in Murfreesboro, TN. He, as well as BA Shawty, is a senior at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in and is an active member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.. C. Ward wrote his first verse at the age of 8. Influenced and Inspired by his older brother, a music producer, he continued until he decided he wanted to make music his life. Last December, TSMG’s C. Ward introduced his self as Tennessee’s next big investment with a debut mixtape, “The Invitation”, that was hosted by one of Tennessee’s popular DJ’s, DJ Prez. This project alone has gained exposure on several blog sites and feature songs on several DJ’s mixtapes. With only a 1000 hard copies, and several mixtape downloading websites, C. Ward has connected with several radio personnel’s and A&R’s throughout the South. Timothy “TPSwagger” Slater,22, was born in Chicago, IL and raised in various states due to his fathers career in the Navy. As well as rapping, TPSwagger holds down a full time job with a managing position in retail. TPSwagger first linked up with C.Ward working on music when his father was relocated to Murfreesboro, TN and the fire has yet to be ceased. Being inspired by C. Wards older brother as well to work on music, TPSwagger has been writing rhymes since as early as middle school alongside C.Ward. After a short break from the music, TPSwagger decided to pursue music once again with C. Ward. After teaming up with BA Shawty the rest is History waiting to be written. BA Shawty, C.Ward, and TPSwagger decided to link up and create the Track Stars in Spring 2010 and in less than a year, they are already getting big time recognition. The Track Stars released their first single, “ How You Do That” July 2010 and within the first two days of release, over 2200 downloads were made. That was just the beginning of their success. The Track Stars have taken over the stage with many performances at Showcases, Fashion Shows, Rap Battles, and Talent Searches in cities ranging from Memphis to Atlanta. The artists currently are gearing up to take center stage with their easy going flow and impressive lyrical sensibilities. Not only are they representing themselves, but they are also making a name for those looking to build a foundation created on creativity, hard work, dedication, and intelligence. A classic combination of humility, honesty, determination, and style; the Track Stars will stop at nothing until they are successful.


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