Koak Black is currently in prison although that isn't stopping him from wanting to release new music. In fact, Kodak has a brand new project called Bill Is Real which is set to release on November 11th. This is huge news for Kodak fans who have been hoping to hear from him given his current set of circumstances. Kodak was recently moved to a prison in Illinois, which is a win for the rapper who had strong allegations against his prison in Kentucky, for mistreatment.

Now, a brand new Kodak Black song is being previewed on social media, and it just so happens to feature the likes of Tory Lanez. The Canadian singer is currently in the midst of a court case surrounding the alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, and recently dropped his own project called Daystar. In the snippet below, Tory can be heard using a fast flow before Kodak enters into the song with his signature Florida cadence.

It's unknown as to whether or not this song will be featured on Bill Is Real, although it's clear that new music involving Kodak Black is going to be released in the not-so-distant future. To add more legitimacy to the song, Tory Lanez himself liked the Instagram post featuring the snippet which indicates that this was indeed meant to be a teaser for fans to hear.

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