With every XXL Freshman Class, there's bound to be MCs included who will eventually flop-- that's just the nature of trying to predict who will break out in the sea of up-and-coming rappers. Since the magazine began the now-prestigious list back in 2008, we've seen several former Freshmen fall off, so we've selected ten that we feel didn't live up to their potential.

Not every Freshman cover star seemed destined for national stardom, and so workhorses with strong regional fanbases (like Don Trip) and niche internet followings (Mickey Factz) aren't on here. Instead, these are the one-hit wonders, the guys who seemed to stop releasing music altogether, and those who didn't even seem like they belonged on the cover in the first place. Recently, guys like Charles Hamilton, Fashawn and Diggy Simmons-- who we might've included on a list like this last year-- have mounted comebacks or released long-awaited albums, so good on them for keeping that grind going. No disrespect to anyone we've included on the list, but people often forget that turning down an XXL spot can be more beneficial to your career than not, as we've seen Drake, Young Thug, Nicki Minaj and others flourish after doing so.

Nobody from 2014 and 2013's lists have been included, because it's a little too early to call any of them flops yet, so the members of this alphabetical list are all taken from the first five Freshmen classes. Any glaring omissions? Anyone you feel like was unfairly included? As always, let us know in the comments.