You know the old adage "sex sells".  Well the hip hop community has taken this, and embellished it and even at times went a little over board with it, as they are prone to do.  This is emblematic in hip hop videos through the years with the video vixens becoming more beautiful and more prevalent in the videos.  Gone are the days of million dollar video shoots for a single, but the video beauty is a fixture in hip hop with many of them even transcending "eye candy"status and developing brands for themselves. 

Call it exploitation, sexploitation, or just booty shakin’, either way it sells.  Hell, even if it didn't men will continue to applaud the efforts made by the scantily clad, sultry lipped, scintillating women who are bold enough to appear in rap videos, and often times, steal the show from the artist.  HNHH takes a look at ten of the biggest names in the “Video Vixen” industry.