Drake's courtside antics during the NBA Eastern Conference made headlines across the world. The backlash, which Drake has been unapologetic about, became worrisome to the Bucks and the NBA at large. Reports have emerged that the NBA has already had talks with the Raptors in the past about Drake adhering to fan conduct while sitting on the sidelines but it appears that not too many people are concerned about Drake's shenanigans during the NBA Finals.

Too Short, a loyal native of the Bay Area, has no problems with Drake heckling the Warriors during the upcoming NBA Finals. In fact, the rapper is seemingly encouraging said behavior. In a recent interview with TMZ, Too Short said that he plans on using any sound bite of Drake talking sh*t during the Raptors vs. Warriors and use it for an upcoming song. 

"We've had a meeting about this," Short said. "What we're gonna do is, we're gonna watch Drake. We're gonna record every little bit of tape of Drake [during the NBA Finals]. Every word he says, we're gonna make a song with those words."

Adding, "It's gonna be called 'Drake Losing to the Warriors.'"

Other Oakland natives who have called out Drake in the past include Smash Mouth (the group that made "All Star") as well as E-40

The Warriors play the Raptors for Game 1 of the NBA Finals tomorrow at 9 p.m.