Antonio Brown is officially no longer a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as he was released today following his now infamous outburst from this past Sunday. Brown stripped out of all of his gear and promptly left MetLife Stadium following an argument with Bucs head coach Bruce Arians. The whole thing was quite shocking, and over the last few days, we have gotten a clearer picture of what happened.

AB claims he was being forced to play despite his injury, and he was even told he was done with the team after refusing to participate in a drive. Arians has since denied this claim, accusing Brown of being upset over how many targets he was getting throughout the game.


Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Today, the media spoke to quarterback Tom Brady about the incident and whether or not he witnessed any of it. Interestingly enough, Brady denies being aware of the outburst, according to reporter Carmen Vitali. This ultimately checks out, as the Buccaneers quarterback was in the midst of a drive, and ended up having his back turned to the entire ordeal.

Just a couple of days ago, Brady was on his "Let's Go" podcast where he divulged on the situation, noting that AB's mental health needs to be respected right now.

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