Tokyo : HNHH Hotties Exclusive Interview

We spoke to video vixen Tokyo, who you may remember from Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" official music video.

HNHH recently got the chance to chop it up with video vixen, dancer, and model Tokyo. Tokyo's stock in the rap game has been on the rise, ever since she appeared in Kendrick Lamar's music video for "Backseat Freestyle" as 'Sherane.' The labeling led some to believe that she was actually THE Sherane K. Dot talks about on good kid, m.A.A.d city (although it's not true). As Tokyo continues to build her name as a video vixen and an urban model, we found out how she broke into the game, what she does in her free time, the worst pick-up line that someone ever used on her, and more.

Peep the exclusive interview below. Check out some of Tokyo's photos in the gallery above.

HNHH: There are a lot of females trying to break into the music industry, how did you get your start?

Tokyo: Well it all happened with me by chance, I've done the videos and stuff in the past I wasn't planning on going back down that road, but the infamous K. dot video helped me get my start back!

HNHH: What do you think gives you an edge against the average video vixen?

Tokyo: I'm very talented and a chameleon, where you just see the average model/stripper. I was modeling and acting before I ever thought to be a dancer so what I bring to my shoots and video shoots is very authentic, yet a sparkle!!

HNHH: What would you say has been the biggest video you've been in to date? And what has been your favorite one to do?

Tokyo: I would have to say Kendrick's hands down!

HNHH: As you just mentioned, you appeared in Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle" video. Can you talk about that, how was it working with K. Dot, what was the shoot like?

Tokyo: It was the best experience ever, working one on one with him the director and some of the TDE family. I was honored to work with them, they showed nothing but love for me and Kendrick is a creative, amazing person, very humble too!

HNHH: When you’re not modeling, what do you like to do in your free time? 

Tokyo: Well I'm still dancing, that's part of my income and other days I'm very lowkey and private. [I'm] just either working out or at home watching movies, just normal things!!

HNHH: Are you currently single or are you in a relationship, what's your status?

Tokyo: Yes, I'm single not really looking for a relationship, [I'm] more focused on my goal but if a relationship comes and it's right I'm all for it!

HNHH: Do you date rappers?

Tokyo: Yes, if I'm feeling them I don't see why not..

HNHH: What do you look for in a guy?

Tokyo: Authentic like myself. Doesn't care about anyone's opinion but his own loving, humble, generous, spiritual, loves him some Tokyo [haha] I can go on and on!!

HNHH: What would you say is your best physical asset? 

Tokyo: My thighs most def!

HNHH: What was the worst pick-up line a guy has used on you? 

Tokyo: "Girl you thicker than Ragu" [haha]

HNHH: Where can fans reach you online? 

Tokyo: I have a website coming soon but for now my fans can reach me via twitter @iiluvtokyo and via Instagram @tokyovixen_ also they can see some of my WorldStar videos too!



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