Back in the day Juicy Couture was the ultimate brand for proto-thots and “cool moms.” Kids vied over it, and if you were dating a chick that wore velour tracksuits, you were the man. Many years have passed since those days, but since fashion runs in cycles it’s now time for the brand to make a comeback. They’ve partnered with Urban Outfitters (who else) and grabbed Tinashe to be the face of the new collection.

We couldn’t have imagined a better choice for the collection than the coquettish Tinashe, who looks fly as ever modeling oversized sweatshirts, cropped sweatshirts and the velour tracksuits the brand was best known for. Even the J-zipper makes a return in this collection.

There are 14-pieces being released in total, ranging from $39 to $199. The official release date is February 13, just in time for girlfriends to pester their boyfriends about making up for the gifts they forgot to get them. Everything should be easy to find since Urban Outfitters stores are everywhere these days.

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