Tigzid Soldier also know as Golden Star Boy, is a street dance crew leader of Street Kings ‘Young Fresh & Fly Crew’ as well as a music artist with great song writing, performance, singing, rapping, dancing, as well as great acting skills. Tigzid Soldier was born to the real name of Tiago Afonso Varela, in Portugal. Both of his parents are from African heritage his Mother is from Angola and his Father is from an African Island called Cape Verde. He lived with his mother (single parent) and studied in Portugal until he was 12 years old. Ever since he watched Michael Jackson on old tapes Tigzid has been a dancer, being able to do the moonwalk when he was only 3 years old was very impressive, he was always impressing people with his dancing skills, whenever there was a party people would stop to look and cheer for the 3 year old moon walking boy. The passion for dance was immense and increased as he grew up. On the other hand, from when he was 1 he always sang on his toy stereo, that had a microphone attached, the passion for the music also increased very much as he grew up. However when Tigzid turned 12 times, were hard for his mother after the arrival of a younger brother Paulo Campos. Tigzid’s adolescence had been interrupted as he was forced to leave everything behind and move to the UK with his mother and baby brother for a better life in the year 2003. Leaving everything behind was very hard, and made Tigzid set high aims and become more serious about what he wants to be in life, he became even more ambitious than he had ever been. Moving to the UK made Tigzid’s attitude mature before he came of age. After settling into the UK, and beginning school he soon became Mr. Popular always dancing around school inspiring other students to follow the trend. Soon after he ended up teaching dance when he was in year 8 after writing a letter to the head teacher requesting, to have the hall after school twice a week in order to rehearse. From this point on he was put in a leadership position as a lot of people looked up to him, as a dance teacher. He formed a dance troop initially named P.G.P which then later became G.S.B which had members such as his younger cousins Diogo Lopes and Ivan Nascimento, then became the current name which is Street Kings ‘Young Fresh & Fly’ crew known as (S*Kings). Moving on, after running the dance crew for many years Tigzid decided to strengthen his music side in order to pursue his music career. Therefore, he hooked up with a young producer/artist called Claudio Marques and started working with him until he set up an upcoming crew known as I*S*E. All of I*S*E’s up and coming artists are; Claudio Marques, Instinct (Ivan Nascimento), Young D (Diogo Lopes), Mr. Zee (Zeeshan Butt), Sancheezy (Sanchez Thomas), Kp Serious (José Ramalhoso), Nero (Antonio Monteiro) and leader Tigzid Soldier (Tiago Varela). Tigzid has performed alongside some great acts in the UK such as; Tinie Tempah, N-dubz, Giggs, Nathan and plenty more. He has also perfomed in various charity shows and entered many competitions, including Britain’s Got Talent and MTV Raw Talent Urban Growth Tour. In 2009 he was invited to attend a BBC radio morning show, in which he was interviewed about Michael Jackson’s death. Tigzid’s main influences range from his main influence ‘Michael Jackson’ to Boys II Men to Lil’ Wayne. Not forgetting the African heritage sound that adds a different flavour to his music. Nevertheless originality in sound and image is something that Tigzid has always kept and believes it is essential to stand out as an artist. He does not class himself as a singer, or a dancer or a rapper he says ‘I’m simply an artist I make music and I create dance movements’. Tigzid is currently working on a Mixtape called the ‘Take Over’ in 2011 (Day to be confirmed). It has already had some early press coverage by the local paper but will have a full press release. A Hood video to one of the freestyles in the ‘Take Over Mixtape’ will be released anytime in 2011. There are a few sound tracks that were leaked from this Mixtape they are; A Milli Freestyle, Undercover Lover and Forever/Back Down. As well as the ‘Take Over’ Tigzid will also be releasing a diary of 3 years footage of the rise and day to day life of Tigzid including; holidays, performances, residential trips etc. There’s also a Dance DVD named ‘Evolution’ which is currently in the process of being edited. It will contain footage of all the dance shows and home freestyles put together in 1 DVD. After the ‘Take Over’ Mixtape is released we should expect a singles EP and a Professional Music Video from Star Boy – Tigzid Soldier. Tigzid Soldier quotes: ‘I will give my best and show the world what I made of, I want to increase my fan base and have an opportunity to fully showcase my talent. I just wana thank all the UPCOMING FANS and make sure you keep showing your love and support I won’t let you down! P.S. I'm coming to take over...’


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