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  • Danny Glover (Freestyle)
    Danny Glover (Freestyle)
    Young Thug’s street anthem, “Danny Glover”, isn't losing any momentum. After hearing remixes from Nicki Minaj, Waka Flocka Flame, and A$AP Ferg recently, T.I. decided to jump on the infectious beat and add a verse of his own. This can be found on DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Skee, and DJ MLK’s SXEW Vol 2 mixtape, which was released just a few hours ago. Take a listen and download it now.
  • Girlfriend (Hustle Gang Remix)
    Girlfriend (Hustle Gang Remix)
    Watch The Duck are an Atlanta trio who are known for their merger of trap and dupstep, or as they call it "Trapstep". The group also injects their instrumentals with plenty of soul samples, and their unique sound has now caught the ear of fellow ATlien, T.I. Tip decided to grace WTD's song, "Girlfriend" with an official Hustle Gang remix, dropping a verse over the formerly vocal-less cut.
  • Impossible Is Nothing
    Impossible Is Nothing
    Stream Iggy Azalea's "Impossible Is Nothing", the latest leak from her upcoming album The New Classic, the official track list for which she revealed earlier today. It calls to mind Adidas' identical commercial slogan.  Can you relate, though?
  • Drunk In Love (Remix)
    Drunk In Love (Remix)
    First we heard Kanye West's gloriously over-sharing verse on "Drunk In Love", then The Weeknd decided to do his own version, and now T.I. has blessed us with a new 16 added to an EDM remix of the song.
  • OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)
    OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)
    Que's "OG Bobby Johnson" has got his name a lot of buzz in 2013, and that'll be continuing on to 2014 with a new ATL mix of the track, featuring two of the biggest Atlanta rappers, T.I. and Jeezy. "OG Bobby Johnson" has been in constant rotation on the blogs as plenty of MCs have made their own versions of the track whether it be freestyles or remixes.
  • P.I.M.P.
    Last we heard from Rocko, he had connected with Jeezy for the street single "Which 1 U Workin."  Today he's connected with another ATLien, the self-proclaimed King of the South, T.I. on "P.I.M.P." The track will surface later today on Rocko's new mixtape Lingo 4 Dummies, which is actually slated to drop later today although we have no clue what time exactly, so keep your eyes peeled.
  • Hell You Sayin
    Hell You Sayin
    Three of the biggest DJs, DJ Whoo Kid, DJ Skee and DJ MLK are teaming up for a joint mixtape in time for SXSW this year. The SXSW-inspired project is called SXEW (South by East West) Vol. 1, and the tape apparently covers all three regions of the three DJs partaking in it, according to Billboard.
  • Check
    Hustle Gang's GDOD mixtape came and went without a considerable amount of hype upon its release, but by the end of the year had left the conversation to a certain degree. It's too bad, because it was a solid release, full of plenty of southern crew tracks, and double time fury.  Tip's latest, which comes off DJ Scream and DJ MLK’s Super Bowl XLVIII mixtape is of a similar caliber, featuring some particularly memorable verses from Hustle Gang regulars Dro and Trae, as well as some west coast flavor from Problem.
  • 2 Thangz
    2 Thangz
    "2 Thangz" is the newest posthumous release from the late Doe B, included on DJ MLK and DJ Scream's new Super Bowl XLVIII mixtape. It arrives alongside T.I.'s new track "I Ain't Going", which is also included on the tape. 
  • I Ain't Going
    I Ain't Going
    "I Ain't Going" is the latest offering from T.I., included on DJ MLK and DJ Scream's new Super Bowl XLVIII mixtape. The last we heard from Tip was his remix of K. Camp's new track "Cut Her Off", which you can listen to here. The cut originally appeared on Camp's In Due Time project, as well as DJ MLK's Good Night Don’t Exist In ATL 3.
  • They Don't Know (Remix)
    They Don't Know (Remix)
    Rico Love's original "They Don't Know" was fun, at least it certainly was popular. But now he has releases a remix to the original, this time with T.I., Luda, Trey Songz, Tiara Thomas, and EmJay. After a shelved album and a string of inactivity, Rico Love seems on top right now, with "They Don't Know" being a single just popular enough to draw some real buzz to his upcoming album, Turn The Light On, which should make its way toward us sometime in 2014. And this remix is so packed with hot names that it might just turn a head that previously wasn't listening.
  • I'm Serious
    I'm Serious
    T.I.'s debut album in 2001 didn't fare too well commercially, but we still bang it, as should you. The title track off I'm Serious received production from The Neptunes and a feature from reggae artist Beenie Man, yet this single didn't even chart on the Billboard Hot 100 when it dropped. Let's hope Tip's new album takes us back to his I'm Serious/Trap Muzik era!
  • Watch Me Do It [Tags]
    Watch Me Do It [Tags]
    "Watch Me Do It" is the latest release from Maino, featuring T.I. and fellow NYC rapper French Montana on the assist. It's the first single from his upcoming King of Brooklyn EP, which is slated to drop on February 4th. The track's funk-bombed - stay tuned for the CDQ.  Quotable Lyrics "Pistol-packin', paper-stackin' Brooklyn nigga / Crazy actin', rollin' on these pussy niggas / Haters starin' at me like they T.V. watchin' / Photo ops, pose for 'em - see me, partner?" -Maino
  • Why
    Doe B tragically passed away last month, but rumor has it the rapper had recorded a lot of material that never saw release. Turns out, a posthumous album will be released in the near future, and the T.I.-assisted "Why" serves as the first single. No word on a release date for the project, but for now enjoy this previously unreleased cut from the Hustle Gang rapper. Quotable lyrics:
  • Cut Her Off (Remix)
    Cut Her Off (Remix)
    T.I. and K. Camp have no qualms with cutting a bitch off. Tip hops on K. Camp's record which originally appeared on his In Due Time project. This is one of several Hustle Gang records which appeared on DJ MLK's Good Night Don’t Exist In ATL 3. Quotable Lyrics
  • OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)
    OG Bobby Johnson (Remix)
    Another cut from DJ MLK's new mixtape Goodnight Dont Exist In ATL 3 which feature the Hustle Gang boss, T.I. How'd Tip do on Que's track? Quotable Lyrics "I got a pistol in my pocket and a bank roll / Anybody try me I'ma let this thing go busin' / Put a whole clip through, you can't go, cousin / And your homie don't like it but he can't do nothin'"
  • What It Do
    What It Do
    DJ MLK dropped a new compilation Goodnight Dont Exist In ATL 3 which features several Hustle Gang collaborations, including this one with Tip & Trae. Check out T.I.'s tribute to Doe B here. Quotable Lyrics "Ride all night on niggas / I'm a real OG, I don't like those niggas / AR-15 on sight for a nigga / Won't take a loss, I'll take a life though nigga" - T.I.
  • Flying With Angels (RIP Doe B)
    Flying With Angels (RIP Doe B)
    DJ MLK just released a new mixtape titled "Goodnight Don't Exist In ATL 3", which features new music from Hustle Gang. Included among the new cuts is "Flying With Angels", a tribute to Doe B from T.I. that features archival vocals from the late rapper. May he rest in peace.  Quotable Lyrics
  • I Wanna Know
    I Wanna Know
    Grand Hustle lost a rapper this past weekend with the shooting of Doe B. As the hip-hop community continues to mourn the sudden loss, Raekwon decides to give DJ Whoo Kid a new cut in remembrance of Doe B, featuring Hustle boss T.I. and Doe. 
  • Sh!t (Megamix)
    Sh!t (Megamix)
    Verseable has gone ahead and created the Frankentein mix we've all been waiting for. All 3 official remixes of Future's "Sh!t" have been combined, as well as the MMG take released a few days prior. That's 12 verses, and 11 minutes of "Sh!t" for y'all to enjoy. Quotable lyrics: "Fucked up, lucky I don't feed into the gossip/ Niggas act like they don't know, but they should know/ Yeah, I just think it's funny how they dangling the bait/ But I'm the one that's killing niggas on the hooks though"
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