The Underachievers Videos

  • Cover of The Underachievers Feat. Portugal The Man "Amorphous" Video
    At first glance, Brooklyn's The Underachievers and indie rock band Portugal The Man may seem like unlikely collaborators, but the connection is clear: it's in the third eyes.
  • Cover of The Underachievers "Chrysalis" Video
    After debuting their new single a week back, Brookyln duo The Underachievers return with the new visuals for "Chrysalis." With rapid cutting, some in-camera punch-ins and a few experimental video filters, the This Is Butta-directed debut accentuates the drug-induced sound while keeping the focus on the duo's performanc
  • Cover of The Underachievers Talk "Eyes Of The World" Tour & "Cellar Door"
    The Underachievers have two solid mixtapes under their belt, the spiritually elevating Indigoism, as well as the more aggressively trap-influenced Lords Of Flatbush.
  • Cover of The Underachievers "Midnight Augusto" Video
    For their track "Midnight Augusto" The Underachievers decide to release a live performance visual, which is in celebration of them finishing their two-month long tour.
  • Cover of The Underachievers "Leopard Shepherd" Video
    The Underachievers deliver a new visual for their track "Leopard Shepherd". Shot by FlowMotion in Paris, France. Get a load of The Underachievers "Leopard Shepherd" Video, a new visual from The Underachievers that saw the light of day on Tuesday, November 26th, 2013.
  • Cover of The Underachievers "N.A.S.A." Video
    The Underachiever's "New Age Smoking Anthem" aka "N.A.S.A." gets the visual treatment, off their recent project "Lords Of Flatbush." The duo are working on their debut album, "The Cellar Door."What do y'all think of this video?
  • Cover of The Underachievers "Land Of Lords " Video
    The Underachievers drop a visual for "Land Of Lords" which also serves as a look book for KidSuper’s ICONIC 2013 clothing line.Can you appreciate the bars here? Check out the latest video from The Underachievers, The Underachievers "N.A.S.A." Video.
  • Cover of The Underachievers "The Proclamation" Video
    Gearing up for the release of their Lex Luger-produced project, The Underachievers release this video which gives a tour of their home of New York with trippy visuals. Can you dig it? Did y'all catch The Underachievers's latest visual for The Underachievers "Land Of Lords " Video?
  • Cover of The Underachievers "On Pitchfork Selector" Video
    NY rappers The Underachievers were on Pitchfork's Selector series, where they broke down "Indigoism" (their latest mixtape), and Beast Coast before spitting over two instrumentals.How do you feel about the production here? Peep the new visual for The Underachievers's The Underachievers "The Proclamation" Video.
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