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Yung Ant’ " Born Anthony V. Morales. on February 1st, .... In Sacramento, California, he is the Oldest of Three Children. He grew up in a bad neighborhood, in the ghetto with his cousins,In G parkway & Oakpark But Through the love and support of his Dad, Mom, GrandParents & Brother & Sister “Yung Ant" Unlike His older Family members has Stayed Away from Hardcore Drug's .. Like Meth , Cocaine, Crack Etc... and proceeded to Work hard and put his skills to use instead of Messing his life up. Throughout his Younger years he was Always into music . Artist's Like Biggie, dj quick , suga free, roger troutman, eazy e ,bone thugs n harmony and so on.. listening to music all the time . no matter what music it was. Rap ,hip Hop ,rock,country Etc, Over the years has made him who he is Today. He started With his friends back in 2000 on a karoke machine his father bought him at a local swap meet. him and his friend Dion Florence known as Pak Man Or Dangerous. Today, would always be on that karoke machine rapping away . not knowin what their doin. Years after that Yung Ant started to make songs When he discovered a free program off the internet Called "Audacity" he had his Father buy him a 5 dollar microphone From wal mart. and made songs with beats that have already been used, and lyrics that have already been used, just for fun.. one Day his father Told him to Start Writing his own lyrics.. Yung Ant would complain saying "I cant do it . I need a ghost writer" but then practiced and got better. now he writes his own lyrics for every song he makes. With Friends like Lil saint, Luva boy Etc and cuzzins and people he meets now he can jump on any beat you give him and is Versatile in many ways.Yung Ant in 2007 bought a Talkbox known from MC Magic , And Roger Troutman. For 300 dollars From a friend of his Mistergroove and practiced with that and the keyboard by ear and hes gotten beetter over the years , He now makes songs with that instrument. Thanks to his dad and thanks to Yung Ant making all those songs with other peoples lyrics. Is what Made Yung Ant Today. still using a 5 dollar mic and audacity, he still goes on and makes songs non stop . and is Dedicated to his music 100 percent. He hopes 1 day to be in a studio making feel good music for all his Local Fans and one day Nation Wide Fans.


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