Tall Tee

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a young college student trynna get in to tha game/ a young hustla-jus trynna get some change/ scrape plates jus ta scrape up some book money/ yu niggas laughin-buh i dont think shits funny/ yu said bio-so imma give yu loose bars/ i think in music-yall should stick to fast cars/ cause regard-less of what yu niggas speak/ i got more talent than anything yall rap, write, or think/ && i aint talkin shit man-my smell more distinct/ allergic to fake shit && yu niggas startin' to stink/ sorry i stay fresh like i came up out tha sink/ yo flow kinda crazy?-guess i should see a shrink/ cause that dont make sense && cents make dollars/ grew-up witout dad, so tha streets became father/ but why bother, with bitch niggas anyways/ jus give em mad shots- no fadeaways...


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