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  • Cover of Kendrick Lamar Says "Hottest MCs In The Game" List Is "Very Important For Hip-Hop"
    As the much-debated MTV "Hottest MCs In The Game" list continues to unfold (we're currently at #3 spot-- which was given to Rick Ross-- thoughts?), rappers and critics continue to give their two cents on the list. We've already heard from A$AP Rocky and Kanye West who are both unhappy with their ranking.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky Says He Should Be #1 On "Hottest MCs In The Game" List
    A lot of controversy has started to bubble up surrounding the annual MTV "Hottest MCs In The Game" list, as it tends to every year. The list has been slowly unveiled, several rappers have been unhappy with their ranking.
  • Cover of Iggy Azalea Crosses Out "A$AP" From Her "Live Love A$AP" Tattoo
    Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky were apparently together for a period of time, and are now apparently no longer together, so Iggy has decided to cross out her A$AP-dedicated tattoo.The Australian rapper spoke openly about her relationship with A$AP Rocky since the two were rumored to be dating in late 2011, but Rocky was al
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky Discusses His Fashion Sense & Fashion Evolution
    By now fans of A$AP Rocky are aware that along with the rapper comes a unique fashion sense. The New York native is outspoken about his fashion choices, bringing high fashion to the forefront. Although some criticize what he wears, Rocky has no apologies. In a new interview with online site Mr.
  • Cover of Charts Don’t Lie: February 24th
    Artists who performed at the Grammys or (better yet?) won an award, gained more than just the honor—they gained new fans, perhaps reached a wider audience than usual and thus increased sales of their music. Over the past week, overall album sales
  • Cover of Charts Don't Lie: February 17th
    All eyes were on the world of music as it was the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, which many artists used as a platform to push new material and make announcements of upcoming projects.   As far as the world of hip hop and R&B went, there were no real notable new releases. 
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky & Danny Brown Appear On Kathy Griffin's Talk Show
    A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown came that much closer to their shared dream of banging Kathy Griffin last night, appearing on the comedian's Bravo talk show.The two rappers first expressed interest in the lady while doing a segment for Noisey's "Back & Forth," and soon Kathy had responded to the two, and
  • Cover of Charts Don't Lie: February 10th
    Just as we mentioned last week, it seems we now have some chart-toppers that are here to stay, at least for the time being. We've seen the first four artists below consistently on Charts Don't Lie since their respective albums dropped.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky & French Montana Cover XXL
    Two of New York's hottest rappers, A$AP Rocky and French Montana, grace the cover of XXL Magazine's upcoming March/April issue. Each rapper has his own cover, as well as a joint one together. In the issue, Rocky discusses his father's passing, his parents' love for hip-hop and more.
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky's "Fuckin Problems" Goes Platinum
  • Cover of A$AP Rocky Says His Mom Downloaded "Long.Live.A$AP" Illegally
    A$AP Rocky has been on a promo binge since the release of his album Long.Live.A$AP, which included a trip to London where he met up with Life + Times.
  • Cover of Charts Don't Lie: February 3rd
    Kendrick Lamar was right, “real people want real music, the Jig Is Up.” With A$AP Rocky’s album leaking incredibly early, the very solid debut studio effort from the Harlemite continues to sell.  All the albums making our Charts this week
  • Cover of A$AP Ferg Says "Trap Lord" Mixtape Dropping Soon
    The A$AP Mob have been making their impact on the hip hop landscape, with most recently dropping their group collabo project Lord$ Never Worry, and of course A$AP Rocky’s chart topping studio debut.  Now, after singing
  • Cover of Charts Don’t Lie: January 27th
    This week we see a new chart-topper arrive, the New York rapper who takes on that southern style, A$AP Rocky. Rocky's debut album, Long.Live.A$AP did surprisingly well. We see albums leak all the time-- usually it's just a week prior to the album's release though. In Rocky's case, we saw it leak a month early.
  • Cover of 10 Hottest Upcoming Fall Albums
    Feeling the back to school/work doldrums now that summer is disappearing into the rear view mirror of your whip?
  • Cover of Word Up: If I Made A Freshman List...
    I'm going to assume everyone's seen the XXL Freshman 2012 list, unless you're seriously out of touch with the which case you probably wouldn't be on HNHH in the first place. The always controversial list was once again, well, controversial.
  • Cover of Word Up: Joint Projects In Hip-Hop Becoming A Trend
    A recent trend that has surfaced in hip-hop is to do collaborative projects with another artist. I'm not saying that artists haven't done this before, I'm saying that it's become a trend. Arguably two of the greatest, Kanye West & Jay-Z, may have gotten this trend going when they dropped Watch The Throne.
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