El-P Videos

  • Cover of El-P Attempts To Record Cat Sounds For "Meow The Jewels"
    El-P and Killer Mike are teaming up once again as the unstoppable duo, Run The Jewels for a new LP titled RTJ2. While the excitement for that project is at a considerable height, there may be even more hype around a remix project based on the album -- one that will be done entirely using cat sounds.
  • Cover of El-P "Shops Blindfolded & Makes A Beat" Video
    For the latest instalment of Mass Appeal's "Rhythm Roulette", El-P record shops blindfolded and creates a beat with his purchases on his faithful ASR-10.
  • Cover of El-P Feat. Killer Mike & Despot "Performs "Cancer For Cure" Live " Video
    El-P, Killer Mike and Despot perform "Cancer For Cure" live at the 2013 Pitchfork Music Festival. How did Killer Mike, Despot do on this video? What do y'all think of this video? Peep the new visual for El-P's El-P "Shops Blindfolded & Makes A Beat" Video.
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