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Frederic Justin-Vernann Weems, better known by his producer name "The MPC", has a passion for music that’s indescribable. The MPC always heard music different point of view. From being infant nodding his head to some reggae music, to being able make a beat in less than in a minute. Music was and always will be his passion. He started working on music at the age of 12 with his best friend Joshua Lewis whose rap name was “J-Lew”. They formed a music group called DA LAB CREW. The name came up from a concept in 2002 when he and J-Lew decided that they “create music, rather than just make it”. The studio was our laboratory, and the music and equipment were our tools to create new sounds from different experiments. They made music about the average teenage life. Nothing was sugar coated or exaggerated. It was either about what they’re going through or what they basically want in life. He never really rapped or anything, The MPC just guided J-Lew and helped write songs. He wanted to know how to make beats but didn’t even know where start or what he needed to begin. A few years down the line The MPC heard from friends about a program called FL Studio. He didn’t have any other equipment and all anyone needed to use FL Studio was a standard PC. Luckily that’s all he had. With little to none help from others he taught himself everything he knows musically. Then after a few years of trial and error with the program, The MPC finally found his craft. He developed his own sound once he learned how to sample on Sony Acid Music Studio 5.0. He was slowly becoming popular amongst his peers musically. Friends and fellow students in high school gave him nick names such as “Kayne Jr.”, “Just Blaze”, and other names referring to well known music producers. Then MySpace became great venue for musicians and artists to showcase their talent. Over the years he grew a slow but steady fan base from samples and remixes such as “Bleeding Love Remix” and “Roll The Dice (Viva La Vida Remix)”. In the year of 2009 in March something special happened for him. The MPC became the #1 unsigned artist in the world on the MySpace social networking site. With a staggering 150,000,000 plays and over 75,000,000 views on MySpace, he was getting all the attention he can handle from A&R’s, music labels, DJ’s and fellow artists and producers about what he had accomplished. A few months later, his MySpace page got hacked and deleted from an unknown source. Frustrated because that was his main source of networking, he had to start from the ground up all over again. He kept his head held high and continued meeting with people such as Chris Baker and a few other people who had their feet wet in the industry. Even though things were starting to look up for him it still wasn’t enough because he wanted more. The encouraging words he would get from people who loved his music kept to motivated and driven. Especially the words of a young man at the time named Frances who told him “I barely know you but I look up to you as a big brother. You’re gonna be bigger Lil’ Wayne”. Those words always remained in his heart and let him know he’s destined for this. After years and years of producing music with friends in DA LAB CREW and many other and also making beats to put money in his pockets, The MPC is still going strong with music looking to be signed with the right music label and always remaining humble. Everywhere he goes his music is well appreciated and love. He remains humble, respectful, and courteous to everyone. His persona and mannerism get him far in life and will continue to carry him even further.


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