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People say Hip-Hop is dead and that there is no heart left in the game. Cash, cars, clothes, and hoes have trampled on the art form and reduced it to a commercialized shadow of its former glory. The spray of "techs" deafens the masses and drowns out the melody that was once the soul of a people. Record execs and media moguls murdered Hip-Hop. If that is true, then the Lunar Movement is the defibrillator that will shock Hip-Hop back to life by sending pulses of truth, realness, and originality to the heart of the now cold, lifeless art form. The Lunar Movement is made up of success driven college students that want to bring the swag of Hip-Hop back. The Lunar Crew is comprised of Kurtis "Sunny Osho" Kelley (Formally known as Kayo) Kivon "Ki" Redd, Jasmon "Jasmonster" Dixon, and Domonique "Dommo F." Fields. From there the movement has grown to include other artists from journalists to actual artist and photographers that want to bring art back to Hip-Hop. All of the crew members have diverse backgrounds but find a commonality in their goals and love for real music. They are all high achieving students enrolled in four-year universities. The goal of the Lunar Movement is to breathe a breath of fresh air into Hip-Hop and the music industry. Someone dropped the torch, so Lunar picked it up, started running, and hasn't stopped since. The Lunar Movement is meant to prove that you don't have to be a gangster, drug dealer, or thief to make good Hip-Hop that people can feel and move to. Other rappers glorify violence, lie about who they are, and create negative connotations of the Hip-Hop genre, but Lunar is made up of College Kids that know what this generation and this industry need. In the spring of 2010, during their first year of college, Lunar released its first collective mixtape, "Lunar Landing". Since then Lunar as release 2 other collective mixtapes, "The Prelude" and "Time Spent Wisely" not to mention a couple of solo projects as well. However, what they are most exciting about is their recently established sound and framework that will be displayed on the "The Far Removed EP" (February 28, 2011) and "The Greenlights Project" (Spring/Summer 2012). The group has been met with great reviews and increasing notoriety. But for these high achievers, good isn't good enough, so they continue to work hard, make better music, and take their movement to the next level.


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