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One must always remember who they are and where they came from. Lose track of those gems and you lose track of all you hold dear. If you were to ask Richard "H-Man" Denton this, he'd tell you the same thing. Hailing from a city known for it's cultural diversity and ethnic mishmash. H-Man - AKA Massive- stands out with his lyrical ability and hard nosed delivery. He touches people in an emotional way, and when speaking to him, he pulled no punches in what he was trying to accomplish as an artist. "My biggest thing is to have people relate to me as I relate to them. Because I believe the realness over sees everything that is fake!" When he says this, his eyes flame up as his voice rises. He wants and needs to be heard "I ain't never had shit growing up! So that's why I push myself so hard to get to where I'm going. When I was a young'n I was dubbed "Hustleman" for the way I flip (move) shit and I'll be damned if my efforts go unrewarded!" Today, H-Man stands for much more than the hustle which knighted him in his youth. He stands as a hero for those who do not speak with the brass confidence he commands. "I don't wanna play the part. I'd rather be the part that others play! I was never too good at following others, I could only be me." The self proclaimed Son of The Struggle does not consider being good enough to satisfy his hunger. Rather than settling, H pursues excellence with trademark persistence and a "can do anything" mentality "I can't even sleep at night without asking myself if i did enough today. Now how's that for torment?" With a tireless work ethic, passion and drive to see him through he simply will not stop until he is heard by millions. His painful yet melodic flow allows you to feel every bar and soar with the cadence which he raps with such distinction. He'll go as far as putting someone in his shoes, just so they can see where he's coming from. As the oldest of his mother's four children, a lot of responsibility was placed on him at a young age. And with that responsibility he gained knowledge which became a power he would soon embrace. Indeed, growing up short handed, can offer its own advantages. In H-Man's case it built character. Like all individuals who seek greatness, the road to travel is the evolution of one's self! GET (W)RAP FAMILIAH!

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