Aside from making hit records and acclaimed albums like this year's After Hours, The Weeknd has been at the forefront of exploring new technologies. Following his recent TikTok concert, which was seen by some fans as a work in process, The Weeknd has teamed up with Spotify to launch a surreal new digital experience -- one that his die-hard and day one fans will likely get a kick out of. 

The Weeknd

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Upon heading over to the Alone With Me: An Experience With The Weeknd page right here, visitors are met with a message of welcoming. Before long, a digitally rendered Weeknd is speaking directly to you, his soothing cadence reflecting on your own personal history listening to his music on Spotify. As the conversation progresses, Weeknd speaks on your most-listened song, as well as offering some thoughts on your general listening habits. All the while, viewers are free to click on his avatar and enjoy the ensuing distortion, an addictive little feature that really ties the whole thing together.

Regardless of how you might feel about the experience -- and rest assured that some will find the whole thing rather creepy -- it's certainly interesting to see Weeknd continue to explore new technological possibilities. It wouldn't be surprising to see more artists following suit, and depending how committed they are to recording original voice lines, results could be deeply immersive and interactive. Perhaps we're looking at the dawn of a new listening experience -- what do you think? If you haven't already done Alone With Me, be sure to check that out and sound off in the comments.