The Weeknd has been through multiple hair phases in his career. Even after several platinum albums and tremendous success on the charts, Abel still likes to try out new looks from time to time.

In his recent profile with Esquire, the superstar musician explained the meaning of his hit song "Blinding Lights" and gave a possible explanation as to why he was always switching up the style.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

"I wasn’t too confident with how I looked," he said about his early aversion to the spotlight. "I didn’t think that I could sell the music looking like me. I was very hardheaded. To this day, I don’t think I’ve ever done a radio interview. I just feel like I would give a horrible interview."

These days, obviously, Abel is much more comfortable with being himself in his music and how he presents himself as an artist. He debuted another new hair look in his photos for the magazine, sporting some tight braids creeping out of his cap, which people seem to love.

"The braids actually look good," said one surprised fan in his Instagram comments. Others compared his new look to Travis Scott and said that he shared similarities to Frank Ocean in a few pictures.

With yet another look in the books for The Weeknd, do you think we could be in for another chapter to his journey coming soon? Usually, with Abel, new hair means a new era...