Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson originally made a name for himself as a wrestler. When he transitioned into acting he knew he had to set himself apart from simple being the big muscly guy à la Arnold Schwarzenegger, so he also let his humour loose and tried to craft a sweet public personality that would contrast well with his giant, imposing body. He's still at it to this day with a charming Instagram post about how his daughter insists on painting his face before he leaves for work. He'll simply say: "baby come here and give daddy a kiss, he’s gotta go to work," which will set off her immediate desire to paint all over her dad: "but daddy I have to paint your toes." He clarifies that "daddy's got his shoes on and gotta go to work" but she doesn't care, if she can't paint his toes, it'll be somewhere else: "ok, then let me paint your face, daddy."

After denying her as much as he can she finally wins him over with the "intoxicating blue eyes" that she shares with her mom and the watertight piece of logic that he needs his face to be painted for work. His only stipulation is that the colours have to be "manly" and "flattering" to his complexion.