Jay Electronica is now 38 years old. It's been nearly eight years since his first mixtape surfaced on the web, nearly five years since he signed with Roc Nation, and nearly four years since he claimed his debut album was finished. Album delays are commonplace these days, but four years? We heard a version of "Shiny Suit Theory" days after Jay E. signed with Hov; that was in November of 2010, and, as far as we know, a version of the track will still appear on the album. 

Today, we got "Road to Perdition", which was on the tracklist Jay tweeted in July of 2012. It's another sign that this album might very well exist, though we've barely heard 20% of it. Jay Z and Bun B are among those who have, supposedly, heard (and blessed) the record. I'm sure they can count themselves lucky, but you wonder, do Hov and Roc Nation even want to put Act II out anymore? If so--however many months/years down the line--will you still be interested? 

Last year, Mass Appeal shared a trailer for an experimental documentary, Into the Light, whose subject is the man himself--Jay Electronica. The trailer, which you can watch below, shows Jay wandering the Far East engaging in various religious healing ceremonies. Indeed, it's safe to assume Jay hasn't been spending all these years fighting with his boss, the other Jay, over his album's release. But why, then, the yearly leaks? The agony...

Ahead is a timeline that includes everything we know about Act II, aka the greatest album never heard.