The biggest sneakerhead in the NBA probably isn’t who you’d expect. It’s not Kobe, despite his personal player exclusive Air Jordan collection. It isn’t Nick Young, despite his “Swaggy P” nickname. It’s PJ Tucker, a swingman for the Phoenix Suns that you probably haven’t heard of unless you’re an avid basketball fan. PJ Tucker sat down with Sole Collector for an in-depth look at his sneaker habits and superstitions, including the time he wore Kanye West’s “Red October” Nike Air Yeezy 2s during a game.

On whether NBA players pay attention to his kicks
“All the time. Every game, someone says something.”

On Playing in the Red October Air Yeezy 2
"The Yeezy 2 actually were not that bad to play in. They’ve got good grip; the lace locks are good. I love playing in the Yeezy 2, I’m not even going to lie.”

On Everyone’s Reaction To Playing in the Red October Air Yeezy 2
“Everyone was like, ‘I can’t believe you did that.’ Everyone on Portland was like, ‘You buggin.’”

On Air Jordan vs Yeezys
"Nothin’ will ever jump over the Jumpman. Come on. Yeezys aren’t even basketball shoes."

On how he chooses his kicks each night
“I can’t wear another guy’s shoe if I’m playing against him.”

On haters
“I’ve always been a sneaker guy. People now want to call me a hypebeast and all this stuff, but I just love sneakers. I don’t pay attention to that stuff.”

On the only pair of shoes he’ll never play in
"Everybody is begging for me to play in the [Nike Air[ MAGs, but I cannot play in the MAGs. I can’t do it."

On surprises he’s got planned for later in the season
"I’ve got one pair that I think everybody will think is pretty dope when I decide to wear them. I’m bringing out more old-old stuff. Just be on the lookout for that because I’m going to be switching it up."

What do y’all think of PJ Tucker’s kicks? Be sure to peep his Instagram if you’re looking to be jealous.